Ojai Valley Library Friends & Foundation, Inc. (OVLFF)
A 501(c)(3) Corporation


The Ojai Valley Library Friends and Foundation (OVLFF) is a volunteer organization dedicated to building community support for and the development and continuation of programs within the public libraries of the Ojai Valley. OVLFF (The Friends) is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

The Ojai Valley (population of nearly 28,000) includes the City of Ojai (population 8,000) and is located 30 miles southeast of Santa Barbara and 75 miles north of Los Angeles. Nestled within geographically unique east-west mountain ranges, the city offers the cultural advantages of a much larger town – musical events, movies, art exhibits, theater, sports and social activities. Among its attractions is the immensely popular Ojai Library; two other community libraries are located in the nearby towns of Meiners Oaks and Oak View. All three libraries are part of the Ventura County Library System.


OVLFF (The Friends) is dedicated to building community support to promote and ensure the public library's role as a vibrant center for lifelong learning and enrichment for Ojai Valley residents of all ages and backgrounds.  In conjunction with the professional library staff, OVLFF seeks to extend and enhance high-quality library services and education throughout the community. The Friends are cognizant of its obligation to remain aware of and informed about contemporary issues that may impact public libraries. The Friends further accept the obligation to raise funds during this time of reduced government monetary support to libraries, so that the cost of the efforts, services and necessary materials needed for optimal operation can be met.


OVLFF believes libraries are most effective as public-access community centers that encourage literacy, promote the joy of reading, and provide the tools for informed decision-making. The Friends ’ role is to foster public awareness and support of the programs, materials and services available through the public libraries. OVLFF actively works to assist these educational centers in providing the broadest public access to print and electronic materials by providing a vehicle through which community members can engage, as both patrons and volunteers, with their local library and through the monetary support of library-based programs.

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