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Twice-Sold Tales - Construction
- a pictorial history -

Photographer, Fred Rothenberg, has been documenting the building's progress.
If you would like to see his picture collection click here

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

April 2016
Supan Builders begin work

(Scott Supan and son, Cody, with Susan Bee reviewing plans)

May 2016

(Digging the footings)

(Tying in the rebar reinforcement)

(Cement footings poured, rebar crosshatching for cement slab completed - slab poured)

JUNE 2016

framing begins

ready for the ceiling and roof !

JULY 2016

looking towards Ojai Avenue from the new meeting room

one of the two skylights (one in each room)

Now that the building is closed in it will be harder to see the changes that are taking place. These
wall markings show that the electrician has been locating switches, lights, etc. while the pipes in prevous pictures show
that the plumber and the sprinkler system people have been at work.


AC/heating and electrical installation - AC/heating and wall insulation installed, wall board going up

Water control valves for sprinkler system - logs staged for building new front pergola

Construction of front pergola begins - preparation for exterior stucco begins


ready for painting - rear window installed

looking out! - Golden State WaterCo. installing water line for sprinkler system

pergola being constructed

meeting room - white oak bookshelves going into the bookstore

rear: stucco completed, window and doors installed - front: facade needs replacing; rotten wood underneath


finishing the interior

and the exterior front bring rebuilt


meeting room- painted and carpeted

Twice-Sold Tales bookstore- painted and carpeted

Bookstore building front with new glass and pergola


The inside rooms continue to have window shades, electrical, audio, and other "tweaks" worked on.

The Secret Garden area is being replanted
while the last of the "finishing tasks" are addressed inside and outside of the building.
The bookstore volunteers are preparing to begin moving inventory into the store...

...and it's finished and ready for the
Grand Re-opening Celebration...

- Bookstore-

-Entrance on Ojai Avenue-

- Interior and Meeting Room-

...and the Grand Re-opening of the bookstore and new meeting room on January 22, 2017 -
ready for business!



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